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In some cases, the status will remain as “Starting” even after reboots.In this case something very bad has happened and you are best off throwing away the UPA service application and starting over.Over and over again I’ve seen people waste hours (or days) on this because they weren’t. Remember the Farm Account runs the service, and the Sync Connection account does the sync.Its not very sensible to use the same account for both.Configure Service Accounts Whilst it is possible to change the UPS account using Configure Service Accounts, this is NOT supported and it will not work properly.You may think it’s working, but you cannot have 100% fidelity UPS under any account other than the Farm Account. If you can’t get the UPS provisioning to even kick in and attempt to work, its likely you have run the Farm Configuration Wizard (FCW) and are attempting to start the UPS Service Instance associated with the User Profile Service Application created by the FCW. If the Net BIOS domain name and it’s fully qualified name do not match there is additional configuration necessary.

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Amazingly, this article has already been viewed over 260,000 times! Of course the Microsoft documentation in this area is weak at present, and UPS is what you could call a “rough edge” of Share Point 2010. Furthermore the amount of time I spend helping others with UPS related problems as a result has inspired this follow up article which will cover the most common issues people experience.Logging on as the Farm Account is a very, very bad idea and you shouldn’t be doing it.You of course require Farm Administrator rights to perform the actions related to the farm, service application administrator rights to perform actions related to the service application, and local machine administrator to perform actions related to the machine configuration detailed below.If you follow the procedure you will be successful unless you are hitting an environmental or other known issue.

I won’t detail all of the known issues in this article, but rather cover the most common ones.This can be necessary in some cases, but again, I strongly recommend you start clean by deleting and recreating the UPA. Incorrect Permissions are the number one cause of the infamous “Stuck on Starting” behaviour. If you don’t set the permissions correctly things won’t work, its that simple. And the Synchronization Connection account, this is the account which actually performs the sync. So there you have it, a summary of the rights required. Well before you start, ask for proof in the form of a screenshot that they are set correctly.