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24-Mar-2018 08:41

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Kurt was pining away for another girl, who he said he use to be angry at and about not having a steady commitment which took place a few years earlier from his marriage and his baby.

I made it through those bad times and survived into 2013. I'm a musician as well like I said in an earlier post and I don't claim to know any more about Kurt or what he was trying to say than anyone else, I did not know him personally, and even if I did, it wouldn't matter because I don't live in his head. but I guess I only understand him because I am a musician. do you really think he'd want to risk getting killed by saying what the song was about, hmmm?

The title 'Heart-Shaped Box' is, i believe, the heart shaped box Courtney Love sent to Kurt - Which is shown in the video.

I think its about being with someone(courtney)first just for the sex,but then she gets knocked up and he has to put up with her crap because they have a child.

And that idea about the picses and cancer, Pisces supposedly have weak personalities and are easily controlled or dominated.

Cancers supposedly are very strong and dominate in personality sounds pretty good it's the best interpretation I've heard.

I've got more ideas but It's in the morning my time and I'm tired.

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