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Calvin is ranked “#1 in the Midwest” among regional colleges.

Yes, Calvin was founded in 1876 by the Christian Reformed Church in North America.In my defense, I will say that for my next commission I'm thinking about an overcoat. Some years ago I bought a beautiful pair of signal orange moleskin trousers. I will wear heavy dark olive English cords a hundred times to every time I wear the crazy Italian moleskin trousers. So what if I'm overdressed, showing up at lunch in a jacket and tie? I am a one-man crusader for looking a little nicer.I tend to wear eight-panel caps, oxford cloth shirts, wool jackets, wool knit ties. I don't lecture about it; I just do it because I like it. Watch for me in London, usually just after Halloween.Scholarships, grants and loans are the tools that make Calvin possible.

Explore financial aid & Scholarships How much does Calvin cost?Come visit Calvin and experience campus for yourself!