Adult texting numbers

01-Mar-2018 19:58

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Young adults are much more likely than older ones to own a cell phone – with the youngest most likely to own a cell phone and the oldest adults the least likely to own one.

Those with higher levels of education and annual household income are also more likely to possess a cell phone.

We are proud to provide to be the premium telephone and mobile telecom service.

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Cell phone ownership is up from 65% of American adults in November 2004, but has remained steady since 2009.

More adults have a cell phone than have an i Pod or mp3 player (46%) or e-Book reader (4%), and just as many adults have a computer (79% have a laptop or desktop) as have a mobile phone.

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We are here to please your every need, waiting to hear from YOU!Still, some users express irritation with their phone for the disruptions it creates, though the heaviest users of the phone are no more likely to express irritation with their phone than lower level users.