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Gail is a hard working professional girl, and the stress of her job puts a little dent on our sex life, but between sunshine, alcohol, and a little pot when we can get it, we fuck like newlyweds when on vacation. While Gail stood under her shower head, drenching her hair, I squeezed shampoo into my hand, backed her head away from the spray and began to massage it into her hair.

Gail stood with her eyes closed, water cascading over her shoulders and down her body, emitting a quiet hum as I rubbed.

I can relate to this at least a little bit; Gail bought me a few pairs of tan through trunks that shed the water almost as fast as wearing nothing, now I can't stand wearing my old traditional board shorts that stay heavy, wet, and cold after I come out of the water. Several years ago we ended up on a nice holiday on French St. We checked into a nice little bed and breakfast right on the beautiful Grand Case beach.

We got directions to a nearby grocery store and stocked up on munchies, wine, and Carib.

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About an hour later another couple came out to the beach and set up camp just a few feet to our right.

My wife loves topless (or less) on the beach or around the pool, so our bi-annual vacations have evolved to take us to locations that allow it.

She says wearing a cold and wet top on the beach is a total buzz kill.

"Be quick" was her instruction as she sank to her knees and began stroking me.

I continued to massage her scalp as the water rinsed the shampoo out of her hair and down over her fantastic set of tits, and when the soap no longer ran down her face she started to suck.As bad as I wanted to pay Gail the orgasm I owed her, she fell asleep almost as fast as her head hit the pillow.

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